Maritime Transport

Denizyolu Taşımacılığı

CMS Trans Lojistik Inc. carries out FCL and LCL transportation on the basis of dry cargo, open cargo, bulk cargo and container as well as intermodal transportation such as land-sea, sea-air, sea-rail and sea transportation by planning all kinds of combination possibilities during transportation of customers’ Provides the ideal solution. Because CMS TRANS is aware that the most important criterion in the supply chain is not the fastest, but the ideal planning. In addition to the limandan port, port and door-to-door transportation, LCL also provides consignment services, transit loading services and cross transportation services between the two countries outside Turkey. CMS creates freight alternatives with special contracts signed by all ship agencies in Turkey and provides cost advantages. Maritime Services International bulk-dry cargo chartering International sea and river road freight transport Logistics solutions Find the ideal ship for Cargo Set up contracts for cargo and ship connections Daily freight market monitoring and analysis To provide best and competitive sea freight bids Ship port agents and loading / unloading operators Daily ship position tracking Demmurage accounts and legal solutions Full Container Transport (FCL) Partial Container Transport (LCL) Can be load in port Or Exwork On Carriage After Arrival Port (Oncarrige) Fast, Secure and Affordable Service Delivery Precarrige for your partial loads Conventional Transportation Protective Agency for your specific loads Special Port and Loading and Unloading Services for Your Contractual Loads The main loads that the usual transport carries are as follows. – Grain (corn, Sunflowers seed, barley, wheat etc …) – Bulk coal mine – Cement in bulk or bigbags – Ammonium nitrate bigbag – Steel scrap – Chemical and Soda Ash / Dense Big Bags – Project loads and construction machines – Plaster and raw material – Clinker – Mineral Ore – Sulfur – Mangan Ore – Iron ore – Gold Ore – Chrome Ore – Container transport – Specific underground resources, – Forest and wood products (timber-logs etc.) – Iron and steel products


Riverway Transportation

Nehiryolu taşımacılığı

CMS Trans Logistics A.Ş. provides complex ship chartering and partial cargo handling services with Romanian-Bulgarian-Ukrainian and Russian-flagged river-type vessels with which it has the right to operate and lease, from Danube river to northern european ports, to black sea ports and Volga Don river to Caspian Sea ports. CMS Trans Lojistik A.Ş is a regular company between the ports of Marmara / Black Sea and Caspian Sea ports (Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Dagestan, Kazakhstan, Iran – Bandar Anzali) with 4/6 river ship per month (April – November) Carries out. In addition, within the scope of multi-modal freight services, our company is able to offer a wide range of bulk loads (metal, iron) such as heavy or bulky project loads of a wide variety or console loads (Reactor, Tbm, Steel constructions, Machinery & Equipment, Barge, – steel, forest products) and all the equipment necessary to carry the cargo carried in the container. River vessels and sea-river type vessels with a minimum of 500 tonnes and 5,000 tonnes capacity are suitable for the needs of our customers. The length of the ships and the draft (low water level) make it possible to proceed in shallow waters. The transport activities carried out on the Danube River, the Volga Don River, the Caspian Sea provide much more cost advantages than other transport models. It is also the only alternative route for very heavy and “over size” carriages. CMS Trans Lojistik A.Ş gives new idea to the sector with its many alternative options from river ports to Europe ports and Danube River to Black Sea, Turkish domestic ports, Russia to Volga Don River to Caspian Sea.


We provide services in a innovative and contemporary understanding

Our company and our founders started to their first work with ship chartering and broker services in the 90’s, then continued to their work in Constanta-Romania as the head office in the following years and continued their investments by establishing branch offices in Romania and also in our country in İstanbul-Bandırma , İzmir and Antalya regions. In 2000, we moved our company headquarters to İstanbul and strengthened our experience and now we are offering our international transportation services by renewing ourselves in parallel with the changing and evolving modern sector with our own vessels, which we now own and our domestic and foreign flagged vessels under our control.

About us

We are your extended chartering arm, your consultant, the partner protecting your interest, the specialist transferring knowledge and experience to your team. Advice is our asset. Our Chartering and Operation Managers will advise you on freight market conditions, Charter Party clauses, port and berth restrictions, customary loading and discharging terms, loading and discharging facilities, reliability and performance record of your counterparty, etc. We protect your interest. We will negotiate the best terms and conditions for you, making sure that all protective clauses are duly incorporated in the C/P and that the most favourable freight and terms have been negotiated. Chartering courses and onsite training programs. We want to transfer our knowledge and expertise to our clients and benefit from theirs. Therefore, we organize seminars where our senior managers take active part. We also invite speakers being maritime lawyers, shipping experts, freight market researchers, insurance experts, etc. CMS trans logistic A.S. has evolved into a leading freight consultant/shipowner in the dry bulk sector. Our company has offices at Istanbul, Bursa, and Izmır in Turkey. CMS trans logistic’s devotion to shipping industry has been widely recognized in the market since its foundation in 1986. Since then we work closely with our partners, building long-term relationships based on trust and mutual understanding. It allows us to personalize our services. Our team mixes the old fashioned way of doing business with the strength, the technical skills and the best advantages of technology. Listening carefully, challenging when appropriate and advising with honesty, along with the strength, the technical skills and the best advantages of technology. The longevity of our client relationships is far more important to us than any short-term financial gain. It is through this traditional approach that we have achieved and maintained our reputation for integrity. Getting to know a client’s business objectives is of paramount importance. It allows us to personalize our services. For us the first and only thing are our customers and our relations with them, with you. Even when we don’t end up developing an operation. That’s the reason behind our reputation for integrity. The total volume of dry bulk cargo we handle exceeds 1,2 million metric tons per annum, the majority being fertilizers and the remaining composed by nickel ore, iron ore, grains, cement clinker,coal, steel scrap, sulphur, mdf wooden products and other dry bulk products. KEY FACTS Our global team of 17 people is composed by multilingual, multicultural, qualified and experienced professionals working as Chartering. The high concentration of resources in Operations and Support is the result of our strong focus in delivering a service that covers every aspect of shipping logistics and offers you the possibility of outsourcing in full or part. Now we are offering our international transportation services by renewing ourselves in parallel with the changing and evolving modern sector with our own vessels, which we now own and our domestic and foreign flagged vessels under our control. Through its cooperation with the operator companies and its international solution partners, it collects over 800 different points in 120 countries around the world and provides sea, river transportation services. In our eyes, the size of the care that will be shown regardless of the scope and size of the project is the maximum. Special loads, flammable and explosive materials, which have been transported rarely before, have to be specialized according to the nature of the goods. That’s exactly what we have in our project load team. Our professional cargo surveyors who have worked in the industry for many years, our engineers are designing the best and safe bottom for our customers and they are delivering the loads within the scope of the project by organize lines. CMS TRANS LOGISTIC A.S.


Our Quality Policy

Our goal is not to establish a certain standard but to set a standard and continuously increase the leader organization in our sector, rather than to fully identify, perceive and fulfill the present and future needs and expectations of our customers. CMS Trans Lojistik Inc. is a corporation that adopts continuous development as a principle through the trust of its quality. To establish and implement an effective quality management system in order to provide quality services to its customers, to provide correct understanding and continuous improvement, It aims to increase customer satisfaction by continually meeting customers’ service quality and performance expectations and to meet all environmental and legal requirements related to occupational health and safety while achieving these goals. Of course, knowing that the key to achieving these goals is the employees; Peaceful, participatory and evolving work environment.